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When Campaigns Fail: Fixing the Impact Points

I wish sometimes that marketing was as easy as simple math where 1+1=2. Unfortunately, marketing is more like algebra where you’re solving for multiple variables at once. Just like solving a math problem or puzzle, I recommend starting with the easily solvable parts. Once you have those answers, you’ll have more information to solve the deeper, more complex issues.

A simple marketing campaign has three steps.

  1. The advertisement or lead generating activity
  2. The landing page where...
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The Greatest Marketing Professionals of All Time

Who do you consider the greatest marketing professionals of all time? 

I wanted to look back on the great marketers of history who have forged new paths for us to get to the marketing we now see and know.  These people changed the direction of marketing by doing what nobody else was and because of that, their legacies will carry on for generations to come. In no particular order, here are the people I consider to be some of the greatest marketers of all time. 

1) Steve Jobs

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