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Use Marketing Seasons to Grow Your Business

C'mon Spring! Will it ever warm up?

Around this time of year, many of us are suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. Seriously sick of being cold and wet, our souls ache for sunshine, shorts and sandals. Warm weather seems so close, yet so far away. If you're like many companies, you start every New Year with a fresh marketing plan and fresh resolve. And - like the weather that hasn't quite turned warm yet - by this time of year, it can seem like you should have made "way more progress"...

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Marketing Storytelling: The Hero's Journey

I love a good story, whether I’m telling them, reading them or watching them. A story pulls you in and makes you care about the people involved. When used for marketing, a story can help you create credibility, generate leads, and illustrate competence.

The problem with many business-to-business case studies, videos, "about us" website pages and other areas where companies have an opportunity to tell a story is that… they don’t really tell a story. They only share the...

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When Campaigns Fail: Fixing the Impact Points

I wish sometimes that marketing was as easy as simple math where 1+1=2. Unfortunately, marketing is more like algebra where you’re solving for multiple variables at once. Just like solving a math problem or puzzle, I recommend starting with the easily solvable parts. Once you have those answers, you’ll have more information to solve the deeper, more complex issues.

A simple marketing campaign has three steps.

  1. The advertisement or lead generating activity
  2. The landing page where...
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Covid-19 and Small Business: How to Minimize the Impact

The news is disturbing.

Everywhere you look, there’s bad news that echoes the eerie familiarity of a Zombie movie.

Stop over-consuming the news. Keep calm.

It is time for leadership, personal responsibility and community care. We’re all going to be impacted by coronavirus, whether or not we personally contract the virus or not. Let’s create a circle of community and commitment around the people, businesses and causes we care about.

 Flatten the Curve: Medically and...

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