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About Tornado Marketing

Harness Your Authentic Power

Tornado Marketing is Intentionally Disruptive

Tornado Marketing is a metaphor for the sales funnel, moving at velocity, creating momentum and focus, while tearing down old ways of doing things that aren’t working.

Most businesses struggle with the same few marketing problems, over and over again. Their efforts are inconsistent, and so are their results. I want to help businesses make a bigger impact by helping them:

  • STOP blowing hot air that no one listens to.
  • FOCUS on what’s really important, even in the midst of chaos and competing priorities.
  • AUTHENTICALLY harness your power so you become your own force of nature.
  • Achieve VELOCITY by developing repeatable systems. 
My mission is to transform lives through powerful, authentic marketing. My life purpose is to give people the marketing knowledge and confidence to get their message out so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

Why Choose Tornado Marketing?

Whether I'm working with you 1:1 or guiding you through a training class, I am committed to your success.

5 Reasons 

1. My goal is sales impact, not clicks and views.

I appreciate marketing that looks good, but I want results. Pretty and broke isn’t really that pretty… know what I mean?

2. I’m curious, always trying new things.

I only recommend the strategies that work, and will always let you know when you’re in the “guinea pig” (this is new to everyone) zone.

3. I’m easy to work with, but will fight for your best interest. 

I love getting to know clients on a personal level, creating deep and lasting friendships. I’m Minnesota-nice, but also straight-forward.

I’m quite accustomed to being the disruptor, challenging “the way things are done.”  When I need to, I will tell you that "your baby is ugly," why it's ugly, and how you can change it. Because I tell you the truth from a place of kindness, clients usually thank me PROFUSELY for my honesty - especially when it ends up making them money.

4. I am the yang to your yin.

Most of my clients are linear thinkers. I’m creative and passionate. Businesses need both.

The absolute BEST marketing ideas come when you’re playing with ideas and concepts. With my best clients, it’s a true collaboration of business vision and marketing strategy.

5. I’m the whole package.

Successful small business marketing requires a blend of marketing strategy, messaging strategy and technology implementation. Many businesses need someone (like me) who can pull it all together – from idea to execution.

The 3-Step Tornado Marketing Approach

You have to begin at the beginning. If your business is struggling, go back to step 1.

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If you’re not getting the sales results you want – or if you keep taking on clients who drain you financially or emotionally – you may need to spend more time understanding your ideal buyer, and articulating how exactly your company meets their needs.

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Where can you find this audience? What marketing tools should you invest in? What marketing content do you need to create? Online marketing strategies allow you to maximize your reach with minimal investment. You can't do it all. So what do you give up?

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Marketing strategy is important, but execution what achieves results!

Let us help you follow through on your marketing plans to get the results you deserve.

The Tornado Marketing Mindset

The Guiding Principles of the Program

Progress Beats Perfection

Perfection is just a fancy way to procrastinate. There’s ALWAYS another level of improvement. You can't react and refine without real-world feedback.

Progress Beats Perfection
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Being Good Is Not Good Enough

You don't deserve customers just because you're great at your job. That's the expectation. Superior solutions lose all the time. You want to become “the best fit” with your ideal clients. By consciously creating your messaging, you'll find your tribe.

Boring Kills Business

There’s no such thing as a boring company or industry. There is, however, boring marketing, which will get you nowhere and only burn a hole in your marketing budget.

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Quit the Marketing Tricks

Buyers want authenticity, transparency and personality. They want to set the pace of investigating and purchasing products and services. Stop selling. Start communicating. These are the elements that build long-lasting business relationships.

Marketing is Everyone's Job

Every touch point in your organization should reinforce your brand promise. Every person has knowledge and skills to contribute to the marketing effort.

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Invisible to Impactful 

20 years of my best marketing advice distilled into 10 quick lessons. Go at your own pace. Works for anyone on any budget.