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Hello there!

Come on in. Don't be shy. 

Every journey starts with a first step. 

Millions of people have a dream of developing a thriving business that makes an impact in this world. Many leave without realizing their full potential. I don't want that to happen to you.

I help you find clients who need MOST what you do BEST. 

By tapping into your passion and purpose, you create a clear direction for your company and resonance with your audience. 

You're meant to be here. 


Adrianne Machina

How to Reach Adrianne - Tornado Marketing

This means you, real people. As you might have experienced yourself, there's no shortage of spammers and spammy, unsolicited marketing. Don't resort to those tactics. PLEASE!

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Adrianne Machina, President
Chief Velocity Officer
Tornado Marketing, Inc.
PO Box 620292
Middleton, WI 53562

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tornado @

Spacing / non-link is intentional due to spammers who scrape emails.

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Due to the abundance of robocalls, it's best to email or use a form to set up a call.

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Looking for Specific Marketing Help?

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I'm looking for marketing advice. We probably only need a few sessions to get our organization pointed in the right direction.

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Virtual Coffee & Chat

I'm looking for a marketing consultant to help with an upcoming project or to be our dedicated marketing consultant.

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Marketing Speaker

I'm an event organizer or would like private training for our group. I'd like to learn more about your marketing training sessions.