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Marketing Storytelling: The Hero's Journey

I love a good story, whether I’m telling them, reading them or watching them. A story pulls you in and makes you care about the people involved. When used for marketing, a story can help you create credibility, generate leads, and illustrate competence.

The problem with many business-to-business case studies, videos, "about us" website pages and other areas where companies have an opportunity to tell a story is that… they don’t really tell a story. They only share the...

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Visme as a content creation tool

You want to sizzle up your marketing. Create compelling content for social media and beautiful marketing collateral pieces, but you don't want a steep learning curve. 

Which graphic design tool should you use?

You have an ABUNDANCE of options for creating presentations, infographics, brochures, and social media content. But often you have to switch between multiple programs. My favorite content creation tool right now? 

Visme. https://www.visme.co/ 

I’ve tried...

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Google My Business for Local SEO

Getting your small local business to stand out on Google Search and Maps is easy – and FREE – but 56% of businesses haven’t even claimed their Google My Business (GMB) listing.

I recently spoke at the Middleton Chamber of Commerce and shared why businesses should claim their Google My Business listing - and the steps to get started. 

Google My Business is critical for businesses today to:

  • Get found online (significantly cheaper than traditional SEO) 
  • Get found in...
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10 Ways to Welcome Website Visitors

A website is the linchpin of any successful digital marketing strategy. It is home base – your online office. In fact, I would argue your website should be an extension of the experience of visiting your office. If your office is open, warm and people-focused, your website should have pictures of people. If your company is highly technical, let your website reflect your dedication to innovation.

The same people who visit your office are also likely to visit your website:

  • Potential...
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When Campaigns Fail: Fixing the Impact Points

I wish sometimes that marketing was as easy as simple math where 1+1=2. Unfortunately, marketing is more like algebra where you’re solving for multiple variables at once. Just like solving a math problem or puzzle, I recommend starting with the easily solvable parts. Once you have those answers, you’ll have more information to solve the deeper, more complex issues.

A simple marketing campaign has three steps.

  1. The advertisement or lead generating activity
  2. The landing page where...
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Marketing Personas: How Fake People Deliver Real Results

Do you know Sam the Sales Guy, Ann from Accounting, and Mike in Manufacturing? To improve your sales and marketing efforts, you need to get to know these people intimately – after you create them.

Sam, Ann and Mike aren’t real people. They are the names of personas who represent real people. Personas are fictional characters who are a composite of real-world people and who illustrate the values, goals and behaviors of your typical ideal clients.

These "Fake People"Can Make or...

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Evolution vs. Revolution: Which is the Right Marketing Move?

If you’re not getting the amount of business you want, you may be feeling that it’s time to shake things up with new and improved marketing. But what’s the best way to proceed? Do you need evolution or a revolution?

Revolutions are exciting!

Do you ever watch those TV shows where they transform a woman’s life just by giving her new clothes, a make-up lesson and a decent haircut? Or take a house from oh-my-goodness-how-could-anyone-live-like-that to organized,...

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Covid-19 and Small Business: How to Minimize the Impact

The news is disturbing.

Everywhere you look, there’s bad news that echoes the eerie familiarity of a Zombie movie.

Stop over-consuming the news. Keep calm.

It is time for leadership, personal responsibility and community care. We’re all going to be impacted by coronavirus, whether or not we personally contract the virus or not. Let’s create a circle of community and commitment around the people, businesses and causes we care about.

 Flatten the Curve: Medically and...

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Is Success Two Millimeters Away?

What small changes can YOU can make TODAY that will make a dramatic difference in your life and in your business?

Our culture today is geared toward instant gratification: 

  • Lose 10 lbs in two weeks
  • Make millions flipping houses - no real estate experience required
  • Get 1000s of new followers with this one simple trick

But marketing results are NOT instant. Like saving money for retirement, the results are cumulative and compounding, and you'll frequently wish you had done more...

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5 Website Mistakes to Avoid

A website says a lot about a company.

It communicates a lot of essentials about your brand, like its personality, voice, and the value it claims to offer. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid on your website that could be turning visitors away, instead of bringing them in.

1. Non-Descriptive Navigation

Products. Services. About Us. 

These website navigation headings are common, but they’re not always the best way to grab people's attention. 

What is it that you specifically...

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