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Visme as a content creation tool

You want to sizzle up your marketing. Create compelling content for social media and beautiful marketing collateral pieces, but you don't want a steep learning curve. 

Which graphic design tool should you use?

You have an ABUNDANCE of options for creating presentations, infographics, brochures, and social media content. But often you have to switch between multiple programs. My favorite content creation tool right now? 

Visme. https://www.visme.co/ 

I’ve tried them all. Believe me.

The big one – Adobe Creative Suite – I can’t quite let this one go because I do just enough corporate work collaborating with graphic designers that I need to work on the gold standard design platform. But when I have a choice, I use Visme.  

Not Canva.
Not PicMonkey.
Not DesignBold.

All of those are good programs. I know a lot of people like Canva, but personally, I like Visme even better.

Why Visme?

Without sounding TOO MUCH like a commercial for Visme, here's what I like about this tool. (I'm not a partner or an affiliate - just a fan.) 

Visme takes the hassle out of the design, but you still get to create beautiful pieces for your brand. They include over a hundred templates to get you started, no matter the subject or what kind of visual you are creating. If you don’t like their templates, you can build your presentation from scratch and just use the individual page layout templates and include your own personalized elements.

With Visme you can create almost anything you can think of, including:

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Business cards
  • Social posts
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Video ads

The drag and drop features make this tool extremely user-friendly. They have a whole library of elements that can be easily added to any document. Each element is totally customizable so you can stay true to your brand. With just a quick search you have access to millions of stock photos and icons for free!  

Now one minor frustration I have is finding icons that "are all in the same family" and look good together - BUT I can get icons or pictures elsewhere (like Envato Elements or DepositPhoto) and upload them into Visme as needed. 

Not only does Visme include a crazy amount of extras to help you get started, you have access to upload your own media library and even create block templates to use again and again.

Some of my favorite elements that are included are:

  • Pre-set font pairs
  • Charts, graphs and diagrams
  • Graphic and text layouts
  • Individual page layout templates

Here's an example of an infographic I created with Visme: 

Visme has a folder feature that you can use to keep your design projects organized - either by client, product, or project. Each folder can have it's own font pairings and color schemes so your marketing is always on brand. 

If you’re using Visme just for yourself, start by filling out the information for “My Brand”. This includes your logo, fonts, colors, and your social links – no more constant copy and pasting.

You can save templates and duplicate all files to use over and over.

Total control, add eye-catching graphics and headlines in the perfect font. 

Creating content that is visually appealing, easy, and on-brand has never been easier. Visme truly takes the hassle out of creating content, with branding features you can personalize and reuse to create consistency.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can easily add moveable graphics, gifs, and videos to liven up your presentations. You can even add interactive elements so you can link out to different pages in a PowerPoint.

The bottom line is that if you want an easy tool for DIY graphic design and content creation, Visme is easy to learn and easy to use. I recommend giving it a try. If you'd like for us to create graphics for you, we can do that too. 

About Adrianne Machina

Through marketing training, consulting and copywriting, I help companies find their focus and harness their authentic power to create an extraordinary impact. 


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