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Just Words? Copywriting Matters!

I have to admit that although I'm forcing myself to work today, my mind is elsewhere.

Where's my mind?

It's lingering back on page 880 of Ken Folliet's book, "The Pillars of the Earth." 

I read two books a month on average, and very few capture my attention to this level. I'm DYING to know what happens next. I'm completely engrossed in the characters and plot to the point where I'm more interested in hearing about their lives than living my own. Now that's the hallmark of good writing!

But this is a marketing blog!

What does a fiction novel have to do with small business marketing?

The point is that good writing makes a huge difference. 

Good writing can be the crucial difference between small business marketing campaigns that flourish, and campaigns that flounder. 

I see too many small business owners who want to do it themselves, write the marketing copy on their own. 

On one level, I understand. 

Small business owners are smart. They can generally read and write pretty well. Why should they pay someone write the marketing copy for them? 

They're just words, right?    

JUST WORDS??? Don't underestimate words!

Words are POWERFUL.

Words change lives. Words change history. The Declaration of Independence is just words. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech is just words. 

Do you have a dream? A dream of building your business?

Do you get leads from your website? Or do people's eyes glaze over as they hunt for the nugget of wisdom and authenticity under the layers of marketing mumbo-jumbo?

If you are struggling to understand what's wrong with your website or with your marketing materials and why you aren't getting enough leads, contact us here at Tornado Marketing for a marketing or website assessment.

We'll show you how to harness your power to grow your business!

About Adrianne Machina

Through marketing training, consulting and copywriting, I help companies find their focus and harness their authentic power to create an extraordinary impact. 


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