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About Tornado Marketing

The Tornado Marketing Story

The Calm Before the Storm

Since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated with tornadoes.

How does this air we breathe daily and take completely for granted suddenly gather such force that it can flatten homes and even towns?

As a little kid, I can remember the feeling when a tornado was coming, the stickiness of the air, and how the sky would turn a certain shade of green. All would be eerily quiet until the sirens went off and my mom called us into the basement to wait out the storm.

It was frustrating not be able to see what was happening outside.  I’m sure that’s what propels people to becoming tornado chasers. Nature can be so dangerous… but fascinatingly so.

Yes, tornadoes can be destructive, but they also provide an opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning.

The Sales Funnel at Velocity

Fast forward to 2004, I found myself sitting at a Microsoft Conference listening to Steve Ballmer (former head honcho of Microsoft) talk about businesses achieving velocity.

As he was talking I imagined the sales funnel moving at velocity.

What would that look like? Ah…a TORNADO!

At that time I was happily employed, but a seed was sown. I already could sense a shift in the air, from old-school interruption-based direct marketing techniques to permission-based modern digital marketing.

I knew if I ever started a business it would be called Tornado Marketing.

A year later  (2005) Tornado Marketing was born.

A New Approach to Marketing

Today, SO MANY years later, the winds have shifted again.

Online marketing is a given. But more than ever, small business owners are…

…tired of being sold on manipulative marketing tactics that don’t work

…tired of having to learn new marketing technology

…tired of feeling fake

Buyers have gotten “too smart.” They do their research. Their expectations are high.

They see right through copycat marketing.

After working with and speaking to thousands of business owners and business professionals about marketing, I want to change how small businesses, especially professional service companies, approach marketing.

Invisible to Impactful

20 years of my best marketing advice distilled into 10 quick lessons. Go at your own pace. Works for anyone on any budget.


The 3-Step Tornado Marketing Approach

You have to begin at the beginning. If your business is struggling, go back to step 1.

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If you're not getting the sales results you want - or if you keep taking on clients who drain you financially or emotionally - you may need to spend more time understanding your ideal buyer, and articulating how exactly your company meets their needs.

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Where can you find this audience? What marketing tools should you invest in? What marketing content do you need to create? Online marketing strategies allow you to maximize your reach with minimal investment. You can't do it all. So what do you give up?

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Marketing strategy is important, but execution is what achieves results!

Let me help you follow through on your marketing plans and finally get the results you deserve.