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What's Your Best Marketing Strategy?

Wondering where you need to focus your efforts? Find out if you have the essential pieces in place to have a firm marketing foundation for your business.

Can Tornado Marketing Help?

Tornado Marketing is a methodology and mindset developed by Adrianne Machina. Imagine the sales funnel, moving at velocity, creating momentum and focus, while tearing down old ways of doing things that just aren’t working any more.

  1. Are your marketing efforts focused on the right prospective clients, the ones that make you happy - and make you money?
  2. Does your marketing feel like the best, most authentic representation of your business? (or do you feel like a copycat?)
  3. Are you just blowing hot air or are you creating marketing strategies and messaging that consistently delivers results?

Stop spinning in circles and reach out for help. Through Tornado Marketing, Adrianne offers marketing training classes, consulting and copywriting services.

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