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Marketing Training Your Team Will Love

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Marketing Training Topics

Marketing is constantly changing - and so is the marketing training I deliver. If you have something specific in mind that isn't listed, please inquire.



Making Marketing FUN and EASY!

Most years I have a pretty full schedule of speaking gigs. One of them is that I've been teaching marketing to small business owners the at UW-Madison Small Business Development Center for over 10 years now. 

Every time I teach, I'm reminded how overwhelmed people are by marketing. What comes naturally to me is really hard for some people, especially linear thinkers who want A+B to always equal C. 

They get stuck before they start.

Marketing "perfection paralysis" stems from two main fears:

1. Looking stupid 

2. Wasting money 

To combat these fears, I break complex marketing concepts down into simple steps. I give participants useful hands-on exercises. Participants leave knowing what to do and having the confidence to DO IT!

Every training class is adapted to meet the needs of the people in the room.

I was born to be a teacher. When I was a kid, it was the one "pretend" game I always wanted to play. In my spare time, I teach fitness classes at my gym. I'm energized by seeing people "get it" and make changes that will change the trajectory of their lives and businesses. 

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"Very personable. I love how hands-on her sessions are and how she incorporates stories that are specific to the people in the room."

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Adrianne has spoken to groups large and small, including:

  • UW-Madison Small Business Development Center through UW-Madison School of Business
  • UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies
  • UW-Madison Extension Program
  • American Family Insurance's Dreambank & Business Accelerator 
  • The Partner Connections Event for Microsoft Dynamics Partners
  • Microsoft Convergence and Other Microsoft Events
  • Wisconsin Association of Community Banks
  • MITA (Madison International Trade Association)
  • Vertical Response Customer Group
  • Franchise Group Meetings
  • Many private trainings
  • And several international corporations (one client even flew her to Italy to speak to their team of marketing executives (hint, hint) 

YES! I want an awesome marketing speaker.

Won't be boring. Check. 
Your attendees will learn a lot. Check.
Might get the group super INSPIRED about marketing. WOW!