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About Tornado Marketing

Adrianne Machina's Story

How did I end up as a marketing consultant?

I’ve gone by a lot of names in my life...


 Adrianne, A, Anne, Annie, Rocky, Mom

 "The Tornado” of Tornado Marketing.

I adapt. 

My background is a little unique from most marketing consultants. I didn’t actually go to school for marketing.

I studied International Relations and French at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Ooh la la! et Mais bien sur, je parle francais… un peu.)  Somehow after graduating, I didn’t apply for an ambassadorship to France.

I took a job in sales.

And it was Hard!

So many meetings. So much pressure.

I wanted to stop flying every week.

I wanted to stop cold calling.

Marketing was a means to an end.

I discovered my gift, my true life's work, my passion for marketing. I became obsessed.

I would bet I’ve read 500+ books, and spent WELL OVER $100,000 on sales, marketing and business education from entrepreneurs in action. But ideas are one thing. Execution is another.

I consistently put what I was learning into action – building hundreds of websites, marketing campaigns and pieces of marketing content. I understand how to blend marketing strategy, messaging and technology to create consistent sales results.

Marketing Success is Ultimately Measured By Sales Results

By blending powerful marketing strategy with persuasive, authentic messaging, my clients have:

  • Won THE top industry awards. Multiple clients. Numerous times.
  • Blown out sales records. I helped one mature company create 40% year over year growth…after a 7 year decline. I’ve done six-figure product launches, and helped non-profits find donors.
  • Stabilized the ebb-and-flow of consulting by putting together a marketing plan and marketing calendar.
  • Survived! One company was in such a bad situation they could only afford one simple marketing funnel. Two years later, that funnel STILL brings in a steady stream of business.

What I learn, I teach.

…and when I teach, I learn. I have such a passion for marketing. My favorite thing is to help small business owners and business professionals really “GET” what marketing can do to help them create a positive impact on sales – and a positive impact in the world.

I make marketing simple - and FUN!

While I still work with a limited number of marketing consulting clients on a 1:1 basis, my next phase is to take the marketing training curriculum I’ve delivered to live audiences for the past 10 years, and put it online to so I can help even more people who can’t afford a private marketing consultant, but who can afford a class or a tool. You can also hire me as a marketing speaker for your next meeting or conference.

Sign up for the FREE Invisible to Impactful online 10-session series, and you’ll be “on the list” for future marketing training classes as I release them.

Invisible to Impactful

20 years of my best marketing advice distilled into 10 quick lessons. Go at your own pace. Works for anyone on any budget.